Backyard Prepping

If you’re using your outdoor space for prepping, there might be a few legal implications you haven’t thought of yet. Each state, city, and community will have their own rules and regulations, so keeping a close eye on what is allowed in your area will help keep you in good standing with your neighbors and local law makers!

Is Your Prepping Legal?

The following are just a few of the things that may require permission, or permits to do in your own backyard if you live within a municipality, city, or county that has certain residential codes, policies or laws enacted.


Did you realize that many states have regulations concerning backyard composting or composting in general? Typically, the regulations state no permit is required unless composting amounts reach a certain weight or cubic feet. If you plan to sell or give away composted material then the regulations do change however, so check first.

Raising Chickens

Given the rise of the preparedness community, food safety issues, and the rise in food costs particularly eggs, people are turning to chickens, and some believe it or not, are finding out that not everyone loves chickens.

Most of the problems come from neighbors, who well, find that while they can cluck away about what a lousy neighbor you may be, chickens are not, however, allowed to cluck away where your neighbors can hear them.

Wind Turbines

The system itself may meet certain electrical standards, but your property owners association or your neighbors, for example, may have a different view on the turbine sticking 20 feet up in the air.

Private Wells

According to the EPA they do have the authority to regulate public water systems, but do not regulate private drinking water wells. In other words a private well is not subject to EPA standards. However, certain state and local governments do regulate the use of private wells for drinking water
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If you’ve looked into your community’s guidelines and are safe to keep chickens, there are a few other things you might not know yet. Having your own chickens means farm fresh eggs any time you want, but there are a few other ways that having feathered friends will change your life.

Unexpected Facts About Raising Chickens

#1. Backyard Chickens are Poop Machines

OK, I knew chickens produced a lot of manure, but I really didn’t realize how much. Apparently, it’s about 45 pounds per hen, per year. So for us, that’s 45 lb x 15 hens = 675 pounds of poop.

#2. They Come Running When They Think You Have Yummies

I have to admit, I never really thought of chickens as pets but livestock. But when they all come running when I walk outside, it’s pretty darned cute.

#3. They Put Themselves to Bed at Night

This one really surprised me. I thought we’d have to be rounding them up at night if they were out ranging during the day, but that shows how much I knew about chickens! Turns out the term ‘return to the roost’ is actually a real thing.

#4. They’re Intensely Curious

I’m amazed daily by the hens’ curiosity at just about everything in their environment. They really are quite fascinating to watch. But of course, this can work to your detriment, particularly if your hens are restrained in a small run or tract.

In order to keep your land, home, and the other chickens safe, it’s vital to keep them occupied and interested. There are tons of ideas online for ways you can keep your chickens distracted in their coop. Always be sure that you invest time and energy in this, or unfortunately things in your coop could turn violent.

#5.  They Like Lullabies

We have this one hen (her name happens to be ‘Lucky’, thanks to my son), who falls asleep at the hum of a lullaby.  So cute, and quite interesting.  Singing to chickens – how can it get any better than that?

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Have you looked into the rules for your community for your backyard prepping activities? Are chickens part of your prepping plan?

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