Being Prepared

Plan ahead

Prepping Mistakes To Avoid

Have You Made These Prepping Mistakes? Preparing to survive is about making careful choices and looking into the future for dangerous scenarios that could arise….

Fuel storage

Prepper Fuel Storage

There are plenty of things to remember when you’re creating an overarching survival plan, but one nearly universal need is fuel storage. Whether that’s a…

Backyard Prepping

Backyard Prepping

If you’re using your outdoor space for prepping, there might be a few legal implications you haven’t thought of yet. Each state, city, and community…

Be prepared

Prepper Meds – What’s Safe?

If you want to stockpile medical supplies, there’s no doubt that you’ve wondered how much weight to give your medication’s expiration dates. If you’re prepping…


DIY Long Term Food Storage

Creating long term food storage takes some careful planning and often a bit of elbow grease. Having supplies reliably sealed that you know your family…