Could Games Help You Prep For SHTF?

Survival Games When SHTF

Using Video Games To Learn To Survive

If your goal is to learn the skills and strategies necessary to survive in an emergency or crisis, one great – and fun – way to go about it is to find games that in order to win, you have to know the ins and outs of survival skills. Below is a great example of that.


Survival games rarely explore the human vs. nature conflict. Most first-person games pit you against hordes of zombies, aliens, or the occasionally terrifying zombie alien. Your survival is directly proportional to the floating gun in front of you. Thankfully the genre has grown and expanded to include a variety of experiences. All use gameplay mechanics and concepts birthed from Minecraft. One quick glance at Steam’s store reveals dozens of options that rely more on surviving against nature than hordes of undead.

Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep wears its “Castaway” theme proudly on its tattered sleeve. You start in a private airline. After a rudimentary tutorial, the plane explodes and you’re plunged into the ocean. You must quickly swim up to the surface, climb aboard the nearby life raft, and paddle to the nearest island in the distance—your new home.

Your island is host to important resources, such as palm trees, rocks, and life-saving coconuts. Eventually you craft and gain the use of tools like axes, hammers, and knives. You deplete your tiny island’s natural resources as you make it more habitable and sustainable.

The realistic 3D graphics can be quite gorgeous, particularly for an indie title. The lighting is especially breathtaking during the sun-drenched days and the glowing, moonlit nights. The interface is almost completely hidden, allowing the world to take up all your screen real estate.

Like the film “Castaway,” Stranded Deep offers an intensely lonely experience, but also one rife with self-discovery. Do you take the nomad approach, exploring each island and taking only what you need before moving on? Do you establish a grand and expansive home base that you frequently return to? Do you take increasingly dangerous risks searching for items among shark-infested waters? Do you ever dare brave the water at night? Stranded Deep doesn’t tell you how to play. It leaves much of its systems and mechanics open for you to discover. This creates a wide appeal for the YouTube/ generation that cut their teeth on sharing their unique Minecraft worlds and play style.
– via Pixelkin

Survival card games

Not one for video games? Or want something you can play without electricity or internet connection? Maybe card games will be more up your alley. These are a couple great options to help you learn survival skills and connect with your friends and family at the same time.

The great thing about card decks is they’re a great thing to keep in your bug out bag. You should have something to keep yourself and especially your kids busy that doesn’t require much space, weight, or any power. Cards are great for that. Some of them can teach you valuable skills while you’re playing.

Urban Survival Playing Cards

This is a deck of playing cards that has SHTF survival tips on each card.

  • 52 Survival tips and tricks that people are likely to forget in a high-stress survival situation.
  • Compact size means they fit easily in every GO-bag, 72 hour kit, GOOD bag, and glove compartment.
  • Doubles as a deck of playing cards so you can play cards during idle time in a survival situation.
  • Each card can be used as a flash card, for quizzing, or for starting conversations on preparedness and disaster situations.
  • Small size and light weight means you can “sneak” these into loved ones’ cars so they’ll have life saving survival information in an emergency.

Conflicted – the card game

This is the game that everyone’s talking about. It’s now so popular that they’ve expanded to 3 decks and are gonna be coming out with even more ideas soon.

Top 10 Reasons Why Preppers And Survivalists Play Conflicted

  • It opens up in depth discussions regarding what kind of world we’ll live in after the collapse of society.
  • It shows to you where others in your group draw the line between their will to live vs their own morals.
  • It helps you create a mutual understanding among the members of your bugout group when it comes to who’s more suitable for what role after the collapse of society.
  • It helps you discuss with significant others what kind of survival philosophy your camp will have after the collapse and why that philosophy is important.
  • The game will raise an awareness regarding other areas of prepping that perhaps you didn’t think about.
  • Practice your barter, negotiating and leadership skills to perfection on the subjects that matter most.
  • Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is like a mirror that exposes your real survival philosophy to yourself.
  • Over 50 scenarios that will reveal how unprepared emotionally humanity really is to the collapse of modern civilization.
  • See what other preppers all over the world think a post apocalyptic society will be like, as they submit scenarios and we publish more decks periodically. Have a way to bring this knowledge to your bugout group.
  • It exposes who the true leader of your bugout group really is. Hope you and your group can handle that….

– via Graywolf Survival

What games have you found that help you prep for emergency scenarios?

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