Danger Doesn’t Take A Vacation: How Preppers Travel

Are You A Tactical Traveller

Traveling can be a great way to expand your mind and connect with your loved ones. But just because you're out seeing the world doesn't mean that danger and potentially life threatening scenarios will take the day off. You need to be prepared, no matter where you are or how far from home you go. That's why you need to learn how preppers travel. 

Are You a Tactical Traveler?


Often we think of prepping from our own immediate sphere that we travel inside, the perspective of the relative safety of our homes and local area.

We have all of our prepper gear around us or close at hand, nicely organized and stored away, waiting to be called into action to help us survive some disaster or to render aid in an emergency situation to one of our neighbors.

When we commute to work or run errands around town, we have our EDC gear to fall back on or our bug out bags if they are stored in your vehicle. This works well if you are in close proximity to your home, but what about when you are traveling? Do you leave your preparedness at home or do you remain prepared at some level for situations that may arise?

I think many preppers are able to easily keep focus on some of the more tactical aspects of our lives when we are near home. We go to work and know immediately if something is out of the ordinary. When you pick up the kids, you know 3 different routes to take should one way be blocked.

But many of us leave both our survival mindset and a good amount of our critical preparedness gear at home when we travel. You are on a leisurely vacation at some beach, amusement park or in a foreign city hundreds or thousands of miles away from home.

You are in the moment; enjoying yourself with friends or family and this is precisely the time that you could find yourself smack dab in the middle of a life or death scenario. If this happens will you be completely unprepared or are you a tactical traveler?

How preppers travel is also how they live – aware and at the ready for anything. It doesn't mean you have to bring your entire stock with you everywhere you go, but there are ways to prep for your trip that give you the most necessary items so you're never caught off guard. 

Adjusting your situational awareness to the situation

The term situational awareness simply means you are aware of your surroundings. How many times have you been walking down the street looking at email on your phone? Have you ever checked sports scores sitting at a red light?

All of these actions demonstrate an almost complete lack of situational awareness. When your attention is focused elsewhere, usually on that device you carry with you all the time, you could miss cues.

While you are checking email, you might not see the group of kids walking towards you ready to try their hand at the knock-out game. When you check your sports scores at the red light you might miss that vehicle swerving over into your lane and become completely blindsided.

Situational Awareness is key to surviving any disaster because seconds could be all the time you need to move or react. When your attention is elsewhere, you are robbing yourself of those precious seconds.

I am not expecting anyone to be outfitted in full on tactical gear and clothing if you are at the beach, but you can still be focused on where you are. What are the people in your group doing? Where are they? Who is walking towards you? What is the weather doing?

Traveling By Land

In addition to having a mindset that is aware of what is going on, there are ways you can bring an extra level of preparedness with you wherever you go.

If at all possible, I am driving when I leave home because I can carry many of the supplies I need inside my vehicle. If we are on vacation I have options for food, shelter and security in my vehicle and on my person at all times.

When we are away from home, whatever vehicle you are in becomes your bug out vehicle by necessity if not by choice. Make sure the maintenance is up to date. Keep your tanks full and have alternate routes planned. A good road atlas can come in handy if you need to get out-of-town and take the back roads.

Traveling By Air

There isn’t much you can do or have on your person when traveling by air these days. Virtually all of my EDC gear and certainly my knife and firearms when flying are located where I can’t get to them. But assuming you land safely, your luggage can bring preparedness with you wherever you travel.

Plenty of people are bothered by the idea of checking a bag, but at the end of the day, waiting at the baggage claim is more than worth it to have everything you need to feel safe and prepared, no matter where you are in the world. 

This perspective can save your life and shouldn’t be left at home when you travel.

Are You a Tactical Traveler? – The Prepper Journal

How do you prepare for trips to make sure you're a tactical traveler? Does your bug out bag change when you're on the road?

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