Do You Have The Right Flashlight In Your Bug Out Bag?


Shedding Light on Flashlights For Your Bug Out Bag

How much do you know about flashlights? Do you know if you need rechargeables? Here to clear the air is a self-professed “flashaholic,” with details and insight on lighting that you won't want to miss. When it comes to your bug-out-bag you need a flashlight you can depend on!

I feel the need to come clean about a personal problem I have… I am a Flashaholic. There, I said it. I feel better now that everyone knows.

FLASHAHOLIC: noun – Someone who appreciates and actively seeks information about portable lights because of an ongoing fascination with them and their development, and whose interest often results in the purchase and/or modification of these lights, very often to the point of distraction, social alienation, drunkenness, impoverishment, and general disintegration.

Yep, that’s me. Close your eyes… Can’t see much, can you? Would you want to walk around like that? Would you want to defend yourself like that? Cooking dinner, walking the dog, fixing the car, checking the breaker box, building a fire, and many other tasks become exponentially more difficult in the dark. If your power goes out in a storm where are your flashlights?

I get up in the morning and put one in my pocket and it doesn’t leave my side until I crawl back into bed. It’s, small, light, rechargeable, and extremely bright for a light that uses a single AAA battery.

I won’t tell you which lights to buy. I’ll tell you some great manufacturers to try but you need to decide what lights fit your needs. I will tell you that you need several different ones. They will serve different purposes. Look for lights with different output levels. This allows you to fit the brightness to the task. If you get used to using a light at the lowest setting, that still provides adequate illumination, your batteries will last much longer. I will also tell you that if you aren’t using rechargeable batteries you are throwing money away.

The Nightstand Light

This is the big daddy. A thrower king, the Sun in your hand, the blinder of all that is evil! Yep, A defensive light. This one isn’t going to be a cheap light. That being said there are plenty of options that are more affordable. Here you are looking for a light with a larger head diameter and a high “Lumen” output. There is a geek out moment here too but I’ll save you from it. It isn’t that important to this chapter.

500 lumens should be a minimum here. Many lights in the $30-50 range offer upwards of 800 lumens. Solarforce L2 lights are a great affordable start here. For less than $50 shipped you can get the light, charger, and 2 batteries from eBay. I own 3 of these. They are also a 1″ diameter body and offer a pressure switch for weapon mounting. The best options in this category will use both CR123 batteries or an 18650 Li-ion. The CR123 batteries are expensive and not rechargeable but they are available in a lot of stores. They are a lithium battery so they will have that great 10 year shelf life.- via TinHatRanch

Which Flashlights Are Right For You?

We all want to get the most from our flashlights, but not everyone can afford the fanciest models out there! Not to mention, some people doubt whether those expensive models are really worth the cash it costs to get your hands on them.

So how do you get the most light for your buck without wasting time on an inferior model? Let's take a look at how to balance budget and function when you're choosing a flashlight.

I recommend storing one flashlight in every room of the home. This way, with a flashlight in each room, they might have grabbed the light from the bathroom but you’ll still have the one in your bedroom to use. Add a flashlight to each emergency kit, each glove box, and then one out in the garage and basement, and you should be all set. A handy, very bright LED flashlight can run less than ten dollars.

There is little need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive “tactical” flashlights. However, the selections offered at your local dollar store might not be your best option, either. Personally, I’ve had bad luck with many of those, with them falling apart after minimal use.

One great option to consider is investing in a few dynamo flashlights. Sometimes called crank-powered flashlights, they don’t require batteries and instead work off of a kinetic system. You turn the crank for a few minutes and that powers the light. These are particularly great for homes with children as you know they are going to play with whatever flashlights you buy. This way, you don’t have to worry about the kids running down the batteries
– via The Survival Mom

Have you covered all your needs when it comes to flashlights, or could your flashlight situation use an update?

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