Have You Ever Considered Disaster Management As A Career?

Disaster Management

For thousands of years natural disasters have been occurring all over the world and they still do. These include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, tsunamis and devastating floods.

Unnatural disasters such as terrorist attacks and bombings are becoming more frequent and they have also destroyed properties and taken the lives of many innocent people.

There is recognition amongst government experts that there is an increasing need to train and recruit more people in disaster management, focusing on medical technicians and nurses.

They are fully trained professionals but specialist training is needed to teach them how to cope in disaster situations.

Fully trained Disaster Management Teams are needed at all levels, local,national and International.

Professional nurses and EMTs are needed especially in areas prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes which can happen anywhere and at anytime without warning.

Locally trained teams are needed to help communities deal with the aftermath of these disasters.

Their duties include organizing medical help, coordinating search and rescue operations and arranging emergency centers where those evacuated from their homes can go for respite.

These teams also provide food and water for the evacuees, working closely with organizations such as the Red Cross.

Disaster management professionals are fully trained in analyzing risks and what strategies should be introduced in order to reduce those risks.

They are also be taught how to educate members of the general public  to respond in a crisis and co-ordinate with various other agencies.

Hospital staff trained in disaster management will triage casualties effectively and make sure that patients are dealt with appropriately and will be able to direct doctors to priority cases first.

If you are interested in disaster management you will find suitable courses that are available to study.

Private companies who deal with hazardous chemicals and industrial machinery also require trained professionals to act as consultants.

Being a member of a trained Disaster Management Team can be stressful but is also very rewarding.

A Disaster Management Professional At Work.

I came across this article from Berkeley which highlights the personal journey of a disaster management professional called Amina Assefa.

Amina describes professionals like her as the “new guard” in a field once dominated by men.

From the bayou to Berkeley, a master of disaster management


After 9/11 colleges began to offer emergency management degrees. Graduating younger people like her who have the skill sets to write and develop risk and disaster management plans.

Are you considering a career in Disaster Management?  At this stage in my life, with my interest in prepping well and I do sincerely want to live a more meaningful life other than the comfortable 9-5 gig that I'm doing now.

I might look into taking on a disaster management course myself.   Let me know if you are too and if you have any experience in this field by leaving a comment below.

Appreciate your time.

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