How To Prep For A Road Emergency

Prepping for a road emergencyRoad emergency kits

Emergencies on the road are quite common. Think of the volume of traffic on the roads, the amount of trips people make daily and you'll begin to understand that if you drive you will be faced with a roadside emergency at some stage.

A flat Tyre, a busted fan belt, radiator or hose leaks, or a flat battery are just a few of the common situations you can expect when traveling. You cannot predict when an emergency will crop up so it's a good idea to be prepared.

Having a minor emergency, such as a flat tire in the middle of the day when you have a cell phone handy and a friendly neighborhood mechanic on the way, is one thing.

Having a major emergency, such as the same flat tire in the wee hours of the night in a storm with no mobile phone service, well, that's the sort of emergency we want to be prepared for. Even if you're not mechanically minded, there are certain things that you can use to help yourself during a roadside emergency.

When preparing for such a scenario which is a far more common occurrence than what most preppers prepare for , you want to think of making up two emergency kits; one for the car and one for yourself.

Your Car Kit should include:

Work gloves
Spare tire (filled), jack and lug wrench
Duct Tape
Jumper cables
Fire extinguisher
Flash light with extra batteries

Multipurpose tool
Paper towels
Windshield washer fluid
Tire pressure gauge
3 road flares or reflective warning cones or triangles
One gallon of water
2 quarts of motor oil
Small shovel
Ice scraper
Kitty litter or sand to use as traction if you are stuck in the snow

Your Personal Kit should include:

Walking shoes
A pair of socks
Drinking water
First aid kit
Non-perishable foods such as snack bars, nuts, etc.
Warm gloves
Flashlight with extra batteries

Pack a personal kit for other family members, as well. If you’re traveling with children you will want to pack the items they may need if you are stranded for a period of time. Remember items such as:

Baby food
Extra clothes
Warm shoes and boots
Stroller or other carrier
Some Games that might keep the littlies occupied.

When preparing your emergency kits, try to imagine what you would need if you were stranded and couldn't get home immediately. Remember, you will be without heat, electricity, and other comforts of home. What would you want in your car if that were the case? Even a minor roadside emergency can prove difficult. A short trip across the city could leave you stranded if something happened to your car. Prepare the best you can for these situations so you can return home safe and sound.

Please also find a great video on preparing car emergency kits if you prefer information presented visually.

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