Is It Better To Prepare With Prepper Communities?

Prepper communities

Watch this video on advice between going solo and a prepper community, then please read the article.

It is always great to have a back up plan, a system in place in case things go horribly wrong and there are many ways to go about this. The idea behind prepping for the worst is that your life should not be disrupted too much.

Some people choose to do this on their own or only within their immediate families. You will often come across groups who prep for disaster and they do this in many different ways and for many different reasons. When you hear the term “prepper” or “doomsday preppers” many people assume you are talking about people who are preparing for a nuclear holocaust. This is not always the case; many preppers are working on contingency plans for many different situations.

Some people might choose to join a group of preppers who live on a property somewhere and devote their lives to be self sufficient and getting ready for an occurrence that will affect their lives in a negative way. Some groups might operate on a barter system, or they might share or exchange ideas together or help each other do certain tasks in readiness.

For example, one group might enlist the help of another group to build an underground shelter or a special area that is waterproof to store items that cannot get wet, such as food items, medicines and even guns and ammunition.

Some people are keen to join a group of preppers because they believe that the larger the group, the safer they will be. If your group come under attack, it is more likely that you will survive because of the fact that you are part of a large group. Your community might be so attractive to attackers or thieves, simply because of the size of your group. Your chances of surviving any kind of attack is higher than if you are alone.

Going it alone however, can be beneficial. People who want to stay off the radar and isolate themselves will often go it alone. A prepper who chooses to go it alone will very likely not wish to socialize with others. It is also possible that someone who prepares for disaster might well be hiding from someone or something.

When you choose to be a member of a group, there will be opportunities to share ideas, prepare and eat meals together, share chores such as; fishing, cleaning, hunting for food and meet like minded people. You will be able to sleep a little more peacefully as someone will be awake and on guard at all times. Joining up with a community of preppers can have downsides, which is the case with everything.

There might be times where the group cannot agree on an issue. Some people within your group might not be who they say they are and could very well be working to sabotage the group or cause a divide. This is definitely a good reason to go it alone and also a good reason to get to know the people in the community before committing to joining them.

Becoming a member of a prepper's community means you will never be lonely, you will always have someone to talk to and everyone in the group will have your back. That is how it is supposed to work, but unfortunately it sometimes doesn't. Groups disagree and sometimes the issues are never resolved, which is not a good thing.

If you are not good with authority or don't like taking order from others, then going it alone or setting up your own prepping contingency with a select group of people or your family might be the way for you to go. Being part of a prepper group is more of an advantage than going it alone or sticking with a small group of a few people.

Every group will have people who won't do their share or constantly make trouble. You will need to be good at resolving conflict if you choose to join a group or community or start a group of your own.

You might also be the type of person who enjoys being a loner and needs a lot of quiet and private time. Most of us crave human connection at some point; so no matter how much of a recluse you think you are, you will want to seek interaction with others eventually. The privacy issue is likely to be a big reason why you decide to go it alone as you cannot guarantee total privacy when you decide to join a group of preppers.

As you can see there are many benefits to joining a prepper's community. You will never be lonely and will always have someone to share things with. Going it alone has benefits too, no arguments about the way things are done and total privacy.

Joining a prepper's community is probably more beneficial than doing this by yourself, given the obvious benefits laid out above.

Ultimately, you will need to proceed in a way that is acceptable for you.

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