Here Is A List Of Prepper Glossary Terms To Break The Confusion…

Have you ever noticed how many  acronyms are stacked in particular prepper or survival websites?

When I first began my prepper journey I was somewhat gobsmacked with all the terms that were littered across the many websites, what with BUB (Bug Out Bag) and the like.

So with this in mind, I hope to make it easier for you by highlighting two particular websites that have a glossary of terms that will help you understand the plethora of acronyms that you will undoubtedly come across.

The first is the Australian Preparedness Forum 

Prepper Glossary. Interested in prepping, but confused by all the jargon used on shows like Doomsday Preppers and the large number of prepper websites? Don't give up because being prepared is the right thing to do for …    read more

They have a starter list of terms which are not comprehensive but if you are new to prepping, it is be a good place to start.

The next site is The Essential Preppers' Dictionary 

Have you ever read a blog post or an article by a serious prepper and found yourself at a loss to understand some of the terms used? Preppers have their own lingo, often condensed into military or government-style acronyms … read more

This website is  more comprehensive than the first and you'll find a lot more terms that you can chew over.

There are only two sites highlighted because between the two you should have enough to get a good grasp of the lingo out in the prepper world. So SYS (See You Soon) and DFTS (Don't Forget To Share) if you found this useful.

Thanks for reading.

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