Picking The Perfect Bug Out Location

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Go High Or Low?

There are plenty of things to take into consideration when deciding on your bug out location – including, like we’ve discussed, whether you need only one or multiples. But the first place to start for most is deciding what elevation you want. Being up in the mountains carries its own pros and cons, just like picking a location down in the flat lands.

Do you want to be near water? Do you have several clear routes to get there? We will address a few of the most necessary elements to take into account when picking your perfect bug out location.

Picking a location to bug out to is important for not only security, but self-sufficiency as well. The way you prepare will be different for bugging out to the mountains than it will be for bugging out to the plains.

In a mountain area you have more natural resources available and more possibility’s available when it comes to defenses, but you also need to have wilderness survival skills, especially because of those pesky critters. The wildlife could be a great food source, or you could be a great food source for them.

In the plains (or flat lands) you will have less cover and concealment so it’s probably a good idea to get as far away from other people and main roads as you can. There will be less wildlife on the plains and less trees for building and fire wood, but you would have more options when it comes to farming as long as you have a good water supply.

How Will You Get There?

Getting to your bug out location will be just as important as having one in the first place. When choosing a location have at least 3 different routes you can take to get there. Another rule of thumb is to pick a location that is within one tank of gas, you won’t be able to stop at Conoco if the grid is down, and you probably wouldn’t want to anyway.

Pick routes that will not lead you through hot spots or danger zones, avoid populated areas.
– via Survivalist Prepper

Safety Considerations

One of the first considerations for any prepper in any situation is access to clean, potable water. When you’re sheltering in place, that means having clean water stored or an easy purification system at hand. But when it comes to the perfect bug out location, that means having a good water source close at hand.

Water Availability & Water Sources

A good reliable water source is one of the most important considerations when choosing a bug out retreat. From fresh water springs and rivers to underground well water, the need for a clean and renewable water source is the number one factor to consider when looking for survival properties.

  • Is water available independent of any municipal supply or source?
  • What water sources are on the land, and what water rights will you own?
  • Are they renewable, and will they be there year round?
  • Is the property graded in a way that allows for a pond or cistern to catch rain water?

Hiding in Plain Sight: Keeping your Shelter Concealed

The ability to conceal your site may become necessary during a SHTF Bug Out situation. Having a place that provides adequate resources to conceal your living quarters might be another factor in choosing your location.

  • How easy would it be for someone to wander on to your land during a bug out situation?
  • Do the natural features of the land help conceal and shelter you, or are they an obstacle to using the land? This will be a difficult balancing act!
  • Can you easily secure and defend the land?

– via offgridsurvival.com

Have you already selected your ideal bug out location? What are the most important considerations for you?

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