Prepper Appliances For The Road!

Prepper Solar Oven

Solar Powered Appliances for Every Prepper

As you prepare to shelter in place or bug out, basic needs are on your mind. There may be no electricity for long periods of time. In that situation, how will you take care of basic needs like refrigeration, cooking and showering?

Here are some solar appliances that any prepper can use now AND  without electricity because they are powered by the sun and they are portable so you can take them with you when you bug out so long as you have a way to carry them!



A solar fridge may seem somewhat ironic since it’s the sun that provides the energy to keep the appliance cold. But solar fridges can stabilize at low temperatures, keeping everything from food to medical supplies fresh, wherever you are. This is the perfect appliance for people who live in remote areas or like to buy supplies in bulk. There are also solar powered, battery operated freezers to keep your food fresh without the monthly financial sacrifice. Solar powered freezers and refrigerators work great for houses that aren’t tied to the grid. They are available in various sizes to accommodate your storage needs, and they are great for RV trips or long stays at a remote cabin or campsite.

Sun Oven

You may think of solar ovens as simply a science project you tried out at summer camp one time, but have you thought of using one to make meals at home? A solar powered oven reaches the same temperatures as your home oven, but it doesn’t use any fuel. It also protects you and your family from the danger of fire. Most people think of solar ovens as something that makes cooking while camping a little easier—but you can use it in your backyard on any sunny day. You can choose one that is better suited for personal use if you’re cooking for just yourself and another person, but there are also large ovens that allow you to prepare meals for more people. They allow you to bake, boil, or steam your food for variety. But the biggest advantage of a solar oven, and many solar appliances in general, is that it helps prepare you for an emergency. In the event of an emergency, you may not have access to fuel that allows you to cook food or heat water. Solar ovens can also help you dry out firewood.
– via Survivalist Prepper

Smaller Appliances for Preppers

The fridge and solar oven will take space in your vehicle to move, but a prepper could put them in place in their bug out location ahead of time or in multiple trips. Below are some smaller solar appliances that can be used at home and go right along with you should you have to bug out!

Solar Air Lantern

A solar air lantern is emergency lighting that doesn't need batteries or fuel; and there's no need to plug it for power.

Solar Lighter / Solar Firestarer

… is a unique pocket-size fire starter and lighter! This solar lighter and firestarter is designed to harness the power of the sun by focusing the sun's radiant energy to a precise focal point that can reach hundreds of degrees! The lighter never needs re- fueling, requires no maintenance and can be stored indefinitely. Perfect for backpacking, boating, hiking and as a great addition to any survival tool kit.

Solar Mason Jar

…lights at night and then recharges from the sun during the day. It even has a color change option! The lifetime of LED bulb is over 10,000 hours. It requires only direct sunlight to charge the battery. Just place it in a window or anywhere with access to the sun and it automatically turns on at dusk and off in daylight. Choose between yellow or color changing to set the mood.

Solar Shower

Something as simple as a hot shower can be a real morale booster in uncertain times.  You can use it to wash dishes, to shower and to wash hands. With pockets for soap and shampoo, and a wide handle grip for comfortable transport, you'll enjoy having the peace of mind in knowing if life ever goes off the grid, at least you'll have a hot shower. It heats up in direct sunlight, and you can also pour your own warm water into the reserves. – via

In the event that life goes off the grid how will you heat water and food, keep perishables and medicine cool, and provide light at night?

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