Prepper On Wheels: Outfitting Your Vehicle

Whether you’re getting ready for a family vacation or bulking up your bugout bag, this portable jump starter is a prepper necessity for any vehicle.

Mini Review: 1Byone Portable Car Jump Starter

This multi-function jump starter is incredible.

First off is its size. Then there is the fact that the battery pack and components fit into a small carrying case, taking up very little space. Here are the rest of the things I like.

1. The battery pack is a polymer lithium battery capable of jump starting a car approximately 200 times per charge.

2. Has the ability to charge your smart phone and other digital devices (iPad, Kindle, etc.) with the AC adapter which is included.

3. Has an LED  showing amount of charge remaining in the battery pack.  Very handy!

4. Has a built in flashlight which also flashes an S.O.S plus has a strobe function.

5. Has the capability of recharging the battery pack using the cigarette lighter in your car.  This adapter is also included, although it is not described in the instructions)

The only negative is that the instructions are not easy to understand.  Also they don’t explain how to open the access tab/door where you plug in the jump start cable or the fact you can charge the battery using the cigarette lighter adapter.

On the other hand using the 1Byone charge is intuitive so I wouldn’t let this deter you – this is a great device!
– via Backdoor Survival

There are more considerations than just being able to jump start your car when needed. If you want your vehicle to be as prepped and ready as possible, there are other items that need to be stored there at all times. Below is a good starting point, but keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive. Think over what else you might need and which items would be best suited to you and your family should you need to use your car to shelter in place.

A Prepper’s Winter Car Survival Kit

The focus of a car survival kit is to help maintain your core body temperature to as close to 98.6 degrees as possible. There are a variety of ways this can be done but here is a list of items that should be in your car during the winter in cold climates. This winter kit will help you if your car is broke down, disabled, if the weather is unsafe to drive in and your best and safest option is to shelter-in-place.

  • Wool or Fleece Blankets
  • Down Clothing or Bags
  • Candles
  • Fire Starting Materials
  • Head Coverings
  • Gloves
  • Hand and Other Body Warmers
  • Flashlights
  • Food

Other practical considerations: Before taking a long trip especially in the winter, tell others your planned route, and estimated time of arrival.  Pack a map.  Even in the age of the GPS sometimes the old-fashioned maps and your common sense will help you to select the best routes.  A map will be very useful if anything happens to your GPS.  Also, take your cell phone and remember making wise preparations now will help you avoid serious complications and problems later.

– via American Preppers Network

How have you prepared your car for emergency situations? What would you add to this list to be sure you had everything you might need?

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