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Family Survival Tips

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There are so many things to consider when you begin preparing your family to be safe and survive in case of emergency, that people often set to work making preparations and buying supplies at a fast pace. With all of the different considerations and the many types of things that a person could buy its just common sense that it is easy to make some good choices and some not so good.

Here are some valuable prepper tips that you can benefit from as you take steps to keep your family safe. Take them to heart and apply this advice and you will be glad you did.1447877994_thumb.jpeg

Don’t waste your time, money and energy by repeating the same mistakes that I and so many others have already made. Instead, read this list of prepper tips I wish I’d heard before I started prepping.

Start Living Below Your Means Right Now

You don’t want to just buy all your food and supplies with a credit card. Instead, look for ways to lower your bills until you have some money left over for preps.

Don’t Blow All Your Money In The First Month

Prepping is something that should be done slowly and steadily. Oftentimes there are survival items you think you need, then later you find out there’s a better deal somewhere or that you already own a suitable substitute. So try to be patient.

Store Plenty Of Water

Water is technically more important than food, and you’re going to go through it faster than you think. You don’t have to just buy bottled water. You can collect your own water and store it in collapsible containers or barrels for long periods of time in your garage or basement.

Don’t Store Water In Old Milk Jugs

It is so tempting and it seems like a good idea at the time, but it will end in disaster. It’s hard to wash out all the milk residue which means you could end up with harmful bacteria growing in you water. Also, the plastic is not hardy and will eventually break down, creating a big mess.

Don’t Buy Food Your Family Doesn’t Eat

Finding a great deal on a case of canned spinach may seem like a great way to fill the shelves in your pantry, but if your family refuses to eat it, you will have wasted time, money, and space. It’s nice to find a great deal, but if it doesn’t fit your family, pass on it and wait for the next one.

Store More Than Just Canned Food

There is this idea that a food pantry must be loaded with canned foods and nothing else. You need to have a variety of canned, dry, and freeze-dried foods in order to diversify your diet. Otherwise you will get bored with canned food, and all that extra sodium will be bad for your health.
– via Urban Survival Site

Prepper Tips For Families With Children

Prepping when you have children must be done with them in mind. Once you have children you do everything with them in mind anyway so this is a natural part of your life already. Here is some advice for Prepper families with children to help them as they prepare for a possible emergency.

Include children in family preparedness discussions. Explain what you are talking about in a calm, assured manner and answer questions honestly and simply.  Focus the conversation on the safety issues that will ensure their survival.

Regardless of their age, teach young children to memorize basic personal information such as full name, address, telephone number, and the names of their parents or guardians.  This will be invaluable in the event they become separated from their family following a disaster.

Learn the disaster response policies of you child’s school or daycare center.  Be sure to establish a backup plan so that someone is available to pick them up and/or care for them if you are unable to do so.  A good idea would be to have the backup person check on them, regardless, just to be sure.  (After all, you may be hurt and unable to call the backup person yourself.)

Make sure the school or daycare center always has current emergency contact information for your children.  They should also have a list of persons authorized to pick your children up from school.  The last thing you want is for a kidnapper to take advantage of the chaos and snatch your child away for some nefarious reason.

Establish more than one family meeting site and make sure you child knows where it is.  This will help if you can not return to your home.

Establish an out-of-state contact person and make sure that your child and the school knows how to reach this person.  Remember that although local phone lines may be down, long distance circuits often will be working following a disaster.

Teach your children how to use 9-1-1 and practice what they should say to the dispatcher when they do call.

Educate your children regarding the need to stay away from downed trees, downed utility poles and any wires that may be lying on the ground.  Also teach them to recognize the smell of gas and – this is important – to tell an adult they smell gas even if they are not 100% sure.  Include instructions to get outdoors and leave the home or building if they even think they smell gas.
– via Backdoor Survival

Which of these tips do you find most helpful?

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