This Is Why You Should Be Prepping…


400 thousand people were recently without water because their supply was polluted with algae.  Lake Erie normally has levels of algae but things got complicated with antiquated

water treatment systems. It was fortunate that authorities could recover and get back to “how things were” within 3 days.

Imagine for a moment if Ohio water could not get back online in 3 days but it took a whole 7 days or maybe more.


Can you think of the level of frustration with 400,000 people going without readily available water, for cooking, drinking and hygiene?

It beggars belief but so many are literally unprepared relying on the National Guard to dole out 33,000 gallons of clean water through 10 distribution centers.


This crisis was not because there was a zombie apocalypse, you'd be surprised how many websites are out there dedicated to this, nor a terrorist attack but a naturally occurring

event coupled with lousy government infrastructure. You know who the  people were in the neighborhood that rode out this crisis? The crazy prepper down the street who had

gallons of water for his family already stored and life went on somewhat normally for them, as you waited in the long queues waiting for your govt sponsored bottled water.


If you have thought about prepping but never had the time… please make the time. There are really good websites out there in cyber space that will help you on your way. I would

appreciate it if you would look around this blog but if this doesn't grab your fancy here are a few that might.

Below You will find 6 excellent sites that will help you become someone who is prepared.

Stay prepared, Stay Safe.

Read More of The Ohio Water Ban Here


Knowledge Weighs Nothing


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Preppers Path


Enjoy reading and learning from them. 🙂

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