Survival Fishing Gear

When you’re putting your bug out bag together, there are tons of things to remember – from clean water to protection from the elements and everything in between. One of the best tools to have with you – but one people often leave out – is fishing gear.

Don’t Forget THIS For Your Survival Gear

One of the most over looked preparedness items that I have noticed missing from basic preps is fishing gear, fishing nets (4 ft) and ropes. All three have serious benefits and can be stored easily at your Bug Out Locations or where ever you plan to hunker down at. We also have a small emergency fishing kit in our bug out bags. All of the supplies fit snugly in a large medicine bottle and can be used to fashion a fishing pole.

Doing research on the areas you’re in (or going to be in) would be wise. It is important to know about the types of fish in the area so you can buy the right gear to catch those fish.

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If you’re ready to start gathering your survival fishing gear together, it’s important to think through what you need, how many of each thing, and what is your best bet for a container? It needs to be small and durable, but roomy enough to fit the necessary pieces.

Below you’ll see a great real life example of a bug out bag kit that takes up almost no space, but packs a heavy punch when it comes to preparedness.

Bug Out Bag Fishing Kit

Let me first be clear on this survival fishing kit, key word is survival. If you know my definition of survival this could also be called my unintentional fishing kit. There is no way I’m going to plan on using this or even rely on it as a primary means of fishing if I can take a reel, pole & full tackle. There’s only two reasons you would see me using this kit & it’s I’m either getting practice with it or you are with me in a survival situation and we’re hungry.

If I were to be honest with myself, which is critical in survival, I’m more likely to catch a fish than a rabbit so it’s best if I just stick with what I know best for now.

The container of this kit is the plastic snap lid container of a higher quality roll of electrical tape. Lesser brands usually do not come in a container so look for a 3M brand at a national hardware store. I chose this container because of the object that holds the most important part of this kit, the line. Poles can be made in the field, hooks can be made in the field; you can’t have too much line.

A bobber fits inside the Teflon tape roll & I dropped  about six small split shot weights.  These two items can help me get to the depth of the fish, the bobber is a large space taker so only one comes with.  Two steel leaders with hooks, about six large hooks, six small hooks & three treble hooks.  I’m heavy on hooks because they take up little space & are too important in efficiency & reliability.

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Did you include a fishing kit in your survival gear? What supplies would you need to catch the fish native to your local area?

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