Survivalist Rain Gear

If you’re looking for a cheap but efficient way to keep yourself dry while outside in wet conditions, this suit could be perfect for you. The material is called Tyvek, and gives you a breathable yet waterproof suit. It's the perfect survivalist rain gear!

A $3 Rain Suit That’s Worth Much More!


When its all said & done the fibers of the sheet are organized in a formation that is porous enough to allow water vapor to pass through but small enough to block liquid water droplets.  You have a lightweight, inexpensive, very tough considering its thickness & waterproof yet breathable material that can be used for many different applications.  The application I’m describing is a low cost & comfortable rain suit.

When it comes to rain gear specific for outdoor activities like hiking, camping & bushcraft the good stuff is great & the bad stuff is terrible.  The high quality, brand name gear is very comfortable, breathable, 100% waterproof & come with all levels of insulation to fit your needs.  With the quality of these items comes the price, you do get what you pay for but you need to be ok with forking over a couple hundred bucks for your investment.

The less expensive clothing is 100% waterproof which is priority in rain gear but falls short in everything else.  100% waterproof comes with 0% breath-ability.  You start getting hot the instant you put them on & don’t think of actually doing anything while wearing them because it will be wetter inside from sweat than outside from rain.  They are uncomfortable, heavy & not too durable in the bush in that they can easily snag causing holes & rips so bring the duck tape.

With a minor alteration the Tyvek suit can be fully waterproof & you can find these online for as low as $3.
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A tent is a necessity for any bug out bag. But picking the right tent for you is just as important as having one at all. Keeping a tent that is hard to assemble, doesn’t stay up well, or doesn’t fully protect you from the elements will become a liability. For preppers, the best kind is usually the backpack tent. This breakdown will give you a few things to look for.

Picking The Best Survial Tent

Tents come in countless sizes and shapes. Since this is all about bugging out or maybe back country adventure, we must narrow this discussion to the backpacking tent. This type of tent is different from other types of tents size, weight, and ease of use. A great bug out tent offers the same qualities as a great back packing tent in these ways:

  • Light and small enough to carry in your pack.
  • Sturdy enough to withstand rough weather.
  • Low maintenance enough to be erected in the dark or in a rainstorm.
  • Light enough to be carried in your pack.
  • Concealable.

A low maintenance tent is mandatory. When you are exhausted or when it is raining or when it is dark outside, you need the easiest shelter possible. A tent that requires more stakes than necessary to hold itself in place is not a problem in your back yard but it is a massive PITA in the deep woods of Montana. A tent with complicated poles and zippers offers equally annoying experiences. Avoid any tent that is not stand alone. This means that the tent must stand up by itself without the need for tents or guide wires. It should stand up using only the poles.

Beware of ultra light weight tents. There are only so many grams that you can shave off of a structure before it becomes flimsy or even unsafe. A good bug out tent will offer a “bathtub” type flooring that contains an extra layer of material to keep the water out even when the water is pooling up around you.

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Do you have a favorite brand or build of tent? How do you plan to protect yourself from the elements when you’re staying outside?

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