Will Increasing Security At Public Venues Stop Terrorist Attacks?

Concrete Bollards Installed In Swanston Street Melbourne. Source: ABC NEWS

The Australian government thinks so. With the ever increasing terrorist attacks against soft targets becoming commonplace, can authorities actually eliminate these terrorist cowards from mowing down innocent civilians going about daily life?

The Federal Government of Australia has released a report commissioned after the Nice attacks in France in 2016 and a string of attacks by lone wolf terrorists using knives  and vehicles.

The report argues for ‘layered security' or defence in depth. The idea of layered security is not new, it has been used  historically to make it difficult for an enemy to ‘breach the gates' so to speak. The concept now is also primarily used to protect IT infrastructure from hacking but now expanded to include security at public venues.

“It outlined a blueprint for ‘layered security' at venues, including CCTV, X-ray screening and physical barriers like bollards to prevent vehicle attacks at crowded places like shopping centers and sports stadiums”. 

Source: ABC NEWS

Here are my thoughts on this. Firstly, it annoys me that the threat of terrorism has become so common in our cities so quickly that governments are really at wits end to try and protect the public the best they can.

Secondly, with X-ray screenings and CCTV becoming compulsory inconveniences because of these terrorists threats we are slowly becoming desensitized to the loss of privacy and freedoms that we so easily take for granted. Think about it, not too long ago such security equipment were only found at points of departure like airports.

I understand the concerns that authorities have in wanting to keep people safe, but at what price?

Then again, what's the price of a human life? Even if these measures save one innocent life or deter these cowards in carrying out an attack, then it would be worth it.

Bollards might be effective in stopping vehicular attacks but not attacks with knives.

I don't know what the answer is here apart from practicing personal vigilance or employing tactics of situational awareness.

Here's an article that you might find helpful about staying safe in an attack.

What are your thoughts on what I've written so far?  Would love to hear your comments below.

Stay prepped, Stay safe.


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